Thursday, May 1, 2008

Workset Video and Setting up a MEP model coming soon

I have clients who ask me how to exactly setup the MEP model using the Architectural model. I explain the best practices and do a step-by-step list to walk you throught the process. I will post my list and videos will come soon.

In the Workset video I talk about how to set it up and when and why you want to use worksets in Revit.

In the MEP model doc I explain the steps and process to get the Arch Model linked in and setup so that you can run your analysis correctly.

My post will be questions I get on a daily basis and some new tricks that I think will be helpful. I have been working all night so I will get those posted tomorrow probably after I rewrite half of them and or scratch them and start over. I am going to make videos that go along and show you the steps one by one.